Sarah Barrow Web Design

Freelance front-end development and web design


Hi there! I'm Sarah Barrow, a freelance front-end developer and digital marketer located in Minneapolis, MN. I'm available for freelance, contract work, and consulting in web design and development, usability, digital marketing campaigns, information architecture, SEO and SEM, and more. Whether you're a small business wanting to revamp an old site or a busy agency with too many projects and not enough hands on deck, you've come to the right place!

More about me

I've been a web developer and designer for 6 years, since back in 2005 when I first taught myself to code HTML and CSS. I picked up a ton of other skills along the way, especially thanks to a great 4–year stint as Web Editor and then Web Communications Director at Hamline University. I've been fortunate to work on a huge range of projects: large and small, nonprofit and for-profit, hard-core coding to strategy and everything in between.

I like bikes, cats, and coffee. My husband and I are obsessive travellers. I laugh a lot. I buy too many weird meme tshirts. What else do you want to know? Reach out through the comment form, LinkedIn, or Twitter. I'm looking forward to talking with you!